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2017 Ford Edge Sport Review

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At the beginning of 2016, we expect the creation of new auto models Ford. It's 2017 Ford Edge Sport. It is in such a way that chic side combined with practical, it will be arranged SUV, but are created to maintain elegance of the saloon. However, in 2017 Ford Edge Sport is likely to prefer the best solution for people who are sports cars. It is expected that this model will be first produced in Europe, and then put on sale throughout the world.


2017 Ford Edge Sport - exterior and interior design

As the name implies, the new 2017 Ford Edge Sport will look a bit like edge. This is most noticeable in the LED headlights. Will not see on this car antennas, satellite radio is reason in its interior. Chrome on this model is very carefully used only with some details. The most characteristic of this car gadgets that will have. The new 2017 Ford Edge Sport will really help drivers. It is very easy to park this car, even in the smallest space, thanks to its parking sensors, the parking of cars with just one touch provides. This is the car have the possibility to the driver when in the vicinity are unforeseen obstacles such as traffic jams or individual vehicles to warn too slowly or standing. This works as follows: If the driver does not react in time and stop the vehicle, the system crash is to avoid the brakes in objects. These innovations will contribute to the safety of drivers and passengers.

New 2017 Ford Edge Sport is yet another useful innovation. 2016 BMW M6 Interior Release date It is a high-tech application of Active Grille Shutters. This is to control open shutters and close by themselves, allowing them to ensure the best efficiency motor temperature. Very modern touch screen (size 10-inch) with language options are clear and simple to use. In the premium models dashboard is rounded up with leather. Another interesting gadget to help the driver, open tailgate. For this measure, it is enough to be with wave foot below the bumper.

2017 Ford Edge Sport - the engine and gearbox

Speaking of the engine in the Ford Edge Sport, there will be four models. It is SE, SEL and some expensive sport and Titanium version. Honda Crosstour 2016 Release date and Price Considering that the sport version is expected to be the most popular, let's see features. There is V6 3.5-liter engine and 280 hp. It should be noted that these engines to support, be as lower emissions of harmful gases in the air. Transmission in this car will be automatic manual 6-speed.

2017 Ford Edge Sport - price and release date

As we have already said, are new Ford Edge Sport have four versions of the engine. Price depends on which version is chosen. Price range will be from 28, $ 000 for the SE and SEL model to $ 36, 000 for the Sport and Titanium models. Release date is expected in autumn 2016. The company is aware that customers who buy cars are too demanding, and that success can be achieved through innovation, so they made each model more competitive.
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